Chloe & Renee

These two sweet girls are officially up for adoption. Miss Chloe (white) and Renee (brown) have been together all of their lives and are quite attached to each other so we would love to see them go to a loving home together! They are both miniature poodles with fresh hair cuts and clean teeth. Chloe is the younger of the two being 5 years old and she is very active. She loves to smile at you and can not get enough attention. She is very protective of her sister but also likes to steal the attention from her as well. Renee is a little older than Chloe being 6 years old. Renee is very calm and likes to sit in laps. She is deaf and blind which makes it a little harder for her to get around. She would much rather be carried than walk which makes her the perfect cuddle pup. These two have quite the opposite personalities and make life so entertaining. Please call 620-278-3623 to meet them today!

Adoption fee- Buy one get one! $200 for both!